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A while back, after tweeting around on twitter someone came to me and asked if I was interested in a floral competition. I suddenly thought yes! Then put it of for a while. But then 2 weeks ago thought to my self life is to short ‘lets do it’.

It was to design a floral arrangement in oasis with the theme diamond jubilee. I struggled to think of an idea without having the chance to play around with flowers. So I went with my initial thought of making the crown jewels! My theme would be sparkles and patriotic colours. Saturday night I didn’t sleep because I was itching to make it, I woke up early Sunday morning and started making it … 8 hours later I was finished! And finally my visual masterpiece that I had in my head turned out how I imagined it to be.

The competition was at Powis castle, in Welshpool, which is run by the National trust. I had a huge array of comments just walking to the competition tent, people kept stopping to say how wonderful it was 🙂
Anyway a couple of hours later I won 1st place!  I walked away with a certificate, a rosette and a huge smile 🙂
Very pleased and proud that the hard work paid off, now what to do next….

Here’s my crown!