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With more and more weddings looking for something alternative and different, we’re seeing more people opting for outdoor weddings, either in woodlands, farms or back gardens…Perfect locations to bring your pooch along!

With nearly 9 million people in the UK owning a dog… more wedding venues are becoming dog friendly to accommodate the dog lovers of the nation. A dog can be the biggest part of a lot of peoples lives so getting married and having them be part of it is a huge dream come true for many people.

So that leads us to dress the dog to impress (melt peoples hearts). Whether you want them to be a bridesmaid or just a guests we can add a few florals to make them look the part.

We did a photo shoot to show case not only how adorable it can look but also what kind of photos you can have taken that you can treasure forever. When we started putting the shoot together we looked no further than The Flower Hall family and my sister Laura with her gorgeous beagle Bramble was perfect for the autumn woodland walk in Cheshire we had in mind.

She won’t go anywhere without the dog and I won’t go anywhere without flowers so the combination is perfect.

Bramble and Laura rocking our autumnal flowersBramble’s colours are perfect for the orange and red floral tones to go with the crispy leaves and Laura is a real country bumpkin and loves wearing her Jack Murphy hat, Barbour jacket, Joules gilet and Dublin boots. So a flower collar for the gorgeous Bramble and a fresh fascinator on Laura’s hat, accompanied by a bouquet with trailing ribbons and a few pheasant feathers.

The shoot was a two in one combination of wedding inspiration and a dog lovers shoot, So she has got some lovely photos to keep of her and her special princess which you never get to capture when out walking with your dog…So get in touch with us if your in need of some lovely natural flowery photos with your precious pet!!

Effortlessly relaxed wind blowing through your hair moment

Autumn vibes for this beagle

Bramble’s colours are divine especially in Autumn…She is very photogenic and has her own Instagram account where you can follow her daily journey @bramble_the_beagle

Close up of Bramble's florals

Looking out over the Cheshire countryside…A place where Laura loves to walk everyday,proud to have on her doorstep and where Bramble can run wild and free!country viewing

Looking left beagle and owner

“I will look at you and you look at the bouquet”

Look at this floral boquet


The calm moment before she chased a squirrel!!! Love this photo…the green shade of the canopy of the tree with the sun breaking through, but standing on a bed of crisp orange leaves and the touches of natural moss on the fallen tree and then enhanced with our florals!

Fallen tree in the woods

Beagle resting on the fallen treeColours at there best!

Close up of Beagle and Bouquet

Hat flowers, pooch flowers, wedding flowersJack Murphy country hat looks amazing decorated…Laura bumped into another dog walker also wearing one on the walk who fell in love with her floral decorated hat and we are replicating one in fake flowers for her to be attached…So watch out Cheshire folk for our floral work while out walking!
That’s the power of what we do… It’s something a little different…not what everyone else does or has(because that copying and boring). We are designers not just florist, our ideas are unique.

Hat flowersThe striking touch of bird of paradise added the final touch of wow amongst a few pheasant feathers.

Hat flowers

Hat and Bouquet flowers autumnal

Autumnal bouquet full of gorgeous colour and texture and the added trailing ribbons really gives it the edge it needs…So easy to hold yet so effective.

Wedding Bouquet in the woodsWorking its magic with the natural setting…And if there is moss around then you will find us, its one of our favourite things!

Woodland wedding

The joyous moments of finds while out walking, cut down trees…That’s what makes woodland fabulous for wedding photos! And bramble photo bombing the shot, such a cutie!Beagle photobombClose up of wedding bouquet“Is this too close???”(woof)

Too close? Bramble the Beagle“I will just sit here looking pretty till your done” Thanks Bramble for being a star!!!

Sitting nicely - beagle flowersWhat is it about autumn leaves that are just so magical?

Autumn leaves bouquetx

Woodland BouquetYes a few socks did get muddy in this shoot when barbour wellies were required for photos!

Wedding flowers in boots

flowers on logs

She was told to sit down a lot…very good girl she was, rewarded with lots of treats. The flower collar is loosely fitted, and is very lightweight and no wires are used so no harm to the dog.

Good girl - Beagle pose

Ready to walk

Beagle flowers listening

Beagle flowers

 We can style your pet for your event, so get in touch if your looking for something unique.

We travelled to Essex last weekend for a wedding and styled a horse Pepper so she was a bridesmaid for the big day…We know how important your pets are and we will make it happen! Follow Pepper on her Instagram page @raythegoth

Horse wedding flowers

Bridal flowers for the horse